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United For the Fight, We've Raised $5400 for Our Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraising Campaign

United for the fight, we raised $5400 in our breast cancer awareness fundraising campaign!

We wanted to give a special thank you to everyone that donated. We had supporters from all across California, Arizona, Chicago, and the east coast, which is absolutely amazing.

I personally wanted to give a special thank you to Connie Stone, Jerrose Richardson, Marcela Segrell, Michael Saure, and Nancy Yang, who played a big role in logistics, building relationships, planning, apparel sales, bringing instructors together, presenting on stage and so much more. Also wanted to give a mad shout out to Jacqueline Meyers for driving all the way from Arizona to present of the SoCal U-Jam 10-Year Anniversary party and assist with decorating and bringing snacks. Claudia Saipe, Dustin Stanton, Nicole Lang, for bringing Turbo Kick to the stage. Abby Savage, Imelda Lachica, Jerod Williams, Nhekilyn Villagrana, Rob Powell, and the STRONG SisterZ for bringing us an awesome dance fitness mashup party. Jerod Williams, Kerry Rocchi, Kimberly Drayton, Meredith Zengler, Sam Sahagun, and Yaz Lejarde for presenting on stage at the SoCal U-Jam party. Special thanks to everyone that volunteered to help with setup, teardown, sales, registration, and more. But I also wanted to give a special shout out to Bryan Sanders for being the number one volunteer for everything and anything.

I truly believe that the purest form of unity is when people come together for a cause. And when we do, we can make an even bigger impact. Changing lives and making a difference will always be at the heart of what we do. We will continue to find ways to grow and show what is possible when people come together for a purpose.



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