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Improving Wellness: Our programs will focus on improving physical health, mental health, environmental health and more.

Accessible: We are committed to have our programs be free and accessible to anyone and be solely supported through donations and grants.

Collaborative: We understand that there are other individuals and organizations that have programs that WORKS to improve the wellness in their communities. It is our desire to collaborate with these entities in our program development or to support them through fundraising initiatives or our own grants.

A means that WORKS: We define the word “WORKS” as both an action and an outcome. In the programs we develop, and in the individuals and organizations that we choose to collaborate with or support, we want to make sure that all our efforts work to create a positive impact.




Starting in March of 2020 at the turn of the covid-19 pandemic, the live virtual workouts program has been a tremendous help both physically and mentally to people sheltering at home during a time of uncertainty. In the first 90 days, this program reached over 8400 unique individuals, and in the span of two years, the virtual classes have been viewed over 163,000 times. During this whole period, the classes have been freely accessible to the public through Facebook and YouTube and were completely supported by donation based giving. We also believe that the benefits of these workouts are critical for the overall wellness of any given individual by lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other illnesses or ailments that cause significant issues.



In February 2021, we started our program to fundraise for other non-profit organizations whose mission aligns to improve wellness in our local and global communities. Through this program, we have collaborated with other individuals to support and bring awareness for a specific cause. For the annual year of 2021, we were able to raise over $7000 for organizations such as: City of Hope, Mental Health America, the American Heart Association, Meals on Wheels, the ALS Association, Challenged Athletes Foundation, Toys for Tots, Families First, Good Sports, and Keep A Breast.


Giving back to the community will always be at the heart of our operations, and the Jam Diego Outreach program brings a focus to the local and surrounding communities in San Diego. This program is designed to support other cause based organizations and to exemplify that anyone has the capability to directly make a positive impact in the community. Somd of the direct initiatives, such as "Warm Up Jam Diego," where we were bring warm apparel to the homeless during the cold winter months in San Diego, shows that anyone can make a difference.


The choreo share program is a program built by dance fitness instructors for dance fitness instructors where choreo creators can share the choreography that they create to support and enable other instructors for their own in-person or virtual classes, or find inspiration to create their own choreography to better support their students. This program will also be accessible to non-instructors so that everyone can find dance fitness choreo that meets them at where they are at in their fitness journey. The beautiful part about this program will be its search feature. allowing users to search for choreo based on difficulty, intensity, genre, mood, and more. This creates tremendous flexibility that allows different choreographers to create routines for the same song at different difficulty levels and styles, allowing other instructors to find choreo to their favorite songs and at an appropriate level for their students while also helping non-instructors find routines that best fit their needs.

If you would like to be a choreographer for this program, please contact us through our website.



As a new public charity incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we do not only wish to expand our existing programs, but to develop new ones that further our mission. We currently have several in the works with the goal of reach and impact in mind. Another aspect of our program development is to show how a person’s passion, no matter what it may be, can be used to improve wellness. 


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There is no such thing as a donation too great or too small as every bit helps. You can make a one-time only donation to the J. Ramos Works Foundation or you can donate on a monthly basis to have an automatic withdrawal. Monthly donations are incredible and donating just a small amount every month can really add up and help us make an even bigger impact. And, of course, your donations are tax deductible in the United States.


Whether you are able to donate or not, you can always share our mission! Sharing our website, programs, apparel, posts, youtube videos and more to your friends and loved ones through social media, email, and word of mouth is also incredibly impactful and a great way to show your support.

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You can also look amazing while supporting the J. Ramos Works Foundation, as a portion of every sale from our online apparel shop goes directly to the J. Ramos Works Foundation.

However you decide to support the J. Ramos Works Foundation contributes greatly to our mission to make the improvement of wellness accessible, collaborative, and a means that works to benefit our local and global communities. We cannot thank you enough for sharing our programs, donating, and being part of a movement to create a positive impact.


For our general fund, we believe that keeping our operating and administrative costs down helps us maximize the potential of our programs with every single dollar donated to the J. Ramos Works Foundation General Fund. In fact, our goal is to allocate just 10% of all donations to administrative fees and operating expenses while having 80% go to our programming.

We also acknowledge that the future can be unpredictable. So, along with supporting our amazing programs with every donation, we have also created an emergency fund within the J. Ramos Works Foundation. 10% of all donations in our general fund will be allocated to an emergency fund, which will be used to provide financial help in the event of unforeseen emergencies, like natural disasters (hurricane, fire, and other unforeseen tragedies). This allows the J. Ramos Works Foundation to provide urgent aid quickly.

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