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Focus on Creating New Fitness Content That's Accessible


We are doubling down on our efforts to make our virtual fitness content more accessible to everyone out there. This is a big deal as we want to make sure that people from around the world, no matter what their situation is, and no matter where they are in their health and fitness journey, can use our content to help them live their best lives. We acknowledge that our 60 or 30 minute classes available for free on youtube can be daunting to those who are just starting, and we want to create a process that can more easily phase people into a life that consistently includes physical activity. Here are the two big reasons why we’re doing this:

  1. Cardiovascular disease is still the number one cause of death worldwide, something where the risk of this can be significantly reduced through health and fitness activity. Through the years before the pandemic, cardiovascular disease was consistently responsible for a ratio of 1/3rd of all deaths, meaning that what we’re doing in the health and fitness industry has not done enough put a dent into this issue, and through my observation, we’re most likely serving the same audience again and again, which is great that most people who are being served in the health and fitness industry are maintaining their habits, but it also means that we need to do better job helping people get started and consistently engaged.

  2. Jumping into some of our fitness content online right now is like jumping into season 5 of an ongoing television series. Several friends and relatives of mine who tried our content for the first time straight up told me that they just can’t keep, meaning, they don’t stick with it. So we’re definitely going to create new content that people can more easily get started with and be able to consistently build on to their health and fitness journey on their own terms.

We acknowledge that consistent little steps can go a long way. That’s why we’re excited about all the new content and features that we will be developing. We first started out with our 10-minute bootcamp class, something that is designed for beginners but is also scalable for people who want a greater challenge by either increasing the intensity or the duration of time you put in this workout, and we’re now looking into creating content for beginners with this same philosophy in mind for dance fitness, cardio kickboxing, and more. Beyond that, we’re looking forward to creating a better mechanism for people to find content that suits their needs, meeting them at where they’re at. Be on the lookout for this new content and features soon.

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