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Welcome to the  "J. Ramos Works Gaming Fun" program page. What started as a "well, if I'm playing games and I have the ability to stream what I'm playing, I might as well do it," is turning into a full fledged program to highlight what positive gaming can do to create a positive impact on people. We have witnessed gaming events that have raised millions for amazing causes, there are also many helpful programs where gaming has been impactful for people dealing with PTSD, and a numerous set of other programs that have greatly benefited individuals from various backgrounds and histories. While still in it's fledgling stages, our goal is to build and support programs that use gaming to make a positive difference in this world.

If you have been enjoying my content and what I'm doing as a creator, I would like to thank you for watching and always supporting what I've been doing. I've always wanted to share the fun I have when gaming, and personally, games have been such a huge part of my life and has done a lot for me (I can even share stories where an idea from one game helped raise millions for the development of a new business school building at the University I went to), and I want to continue to share the positive impact that gaming can bring to a lot of people. For my content that I'm creating, please check out my youtube page here:


If you would like to support me and the programs I'm working to create through the J. Ramos Works Foundation, then please use the form below to send a tax deductible donation.


The J. Ramos Works Foundation is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your donation is 100% tax deductible in the United States.

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