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Delivering quality productions help present you to your audience in the best light and that helps to keep your audience coming back for more.
By working with instructors individually to define needs and determine the most appropriate and best solutions to meet those needs, I've been able to help set up and improve virtual home/office fitness/dance studios for hundreds of fitness/dance instructors.  Let me help you do the same.
Please contact me for more information about these following services.

From simple setups and getting the most out of a mobile phone, to complex systems using multiple cameras, computers, and broadcasting software, I work with individual instructors to determine the best solution to meet individual needs, capabilities, audience and budget for delivering quality livestream content productions no matter how simple.

If your needs are more substantial, my experience working with several companies to define requirements, provide technical support, and produce professional quality livestream productions can definitely benefit you. Please contact me for a free quote for my consultation services.


A suitable mic and mixer set is critical for getting high quality audio for both in-person and virtual classes. While purchasing equipment might be easy, setting them up correctly for use may prove to be more difficult. The portable mic and mixer setups that I created are easy for instructors to use in most any live and/or virtual class setting. Contact me for more information about setting up a portable system of your own.

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