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The following listed below is equipment that could be used for participants or for instructors. A lot of these items are recommendations for people to get started with their journey in health and fitness as a participant or as an instructor. Please note that J. Ramos Works is an affiliate of and will receive commission on any purchases. If you would like to support the J. Ramos Works Foundation through your amazon purchases as well, you can do so through

Amazon Basics Neoprene Coated Dumbbell Set with Rack Weights 32Lb Set

Great for your initial set of weights for 10-Minute Bootcamp, this set comes with 3 different pairs of dumbbells and a stand at a great price. You can always add more dumbbells to your set after as you continue your fitness journey.

Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

These 12" by 2" heavy duty loop resistance bands come in 5 varying resistance levels. To increase accessibility and variety or exercises in out 10-Minute Bootcamp classes, these resistance bands will be a valuable set of tools wherever your fitness journey may lie.

Non Slip Yoga Mat

Working out on a hard surface? This mat is save your knees when performing exercises on the floor for 10-Minute Bootcamp and Total BodyWork.

Adjustable Ankle Weights​

These ankle weights are great to increase the intensity for a majority of leg workouts that are done on the floor and more. Sometimes used in 10-Minute Bootcamp, these ankle weights can make any floor exercise more challenging.

Aduro Sport Weighted Vest (12 lbs)

This weighted vest is another great way to increase the intensity for any bootcamp related exercise and more. What I really like about this vest is that it fits snug on your body, which is ideal for high mobility workouts, such as jogging, so that it doesn't slip or slide around. This is another great way to increase the intensity for 10-Minute bootcamp. There are different weight options available, so choose the best weight for you.

Lifepro Adjustable Dumbbell - 5-in-1, 25lb Dumbbell

For anyone that wants to build their home gym with more fitness equipment, a set of adjustable dumbbells may be a great way to start. Each dumbbell can be set to 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25lbs, which a is great starter range and can fulfill a lot of exercises. I personally use these for a lot of my low weight, isolation strength workouts.

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbell

If I had a chance to buy this set of dumbbells at the price they are right now during the pandemic, I would have. While continually building my home gym, there was a point when I need to upgrade my equipment so I can lift heavier, but the pandemic increased the prices of weights significantly where buying a pair of these would cost more than $1000. For me, I ended up purchasing a set of heavy adjustable dumbbells that were half that price and achieve what I wanted, even though the steps between weight levels were not ideal, and these dumbbells were measured kilograms. With this set, you can adjust the weight to the following steps in lbs:


5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15, 17.5, 20, 22.5, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, and 52.5 lb.


I absolutely love those small incremental steps, and I wish that could go all the way to 52.5, but to me, this currently is the most ideal adjustable heavy dumbbell set.

FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench

This is currently the adjustable bench that I'm using for a number of personal my strength based workouts. While there are plenty of options out there with certain bells and whistles, this one met the needs between features, storability, price, and height that I needed to support a variety of bench press angles, and for hip thrusts.

5-In-1 Roller Foam Kit

This set covers a lot of your deep tissue massaging needs, but the one piece that is absolutely amazing is the 360° Trigger Point Massage Roller. The roller is perfect for massaging my legs and covering a greater area of my limbs that can take multiple multiple positions when using a standard foam roller or ball. This kit hits a lot of my needs, and the is extremely portable.


The price for this set makes it an absolute steal. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Get yours today.

Amazon Basics High-Density Round Foam Roller

Never forget your standard foam roller. While I may have many tools to hit specific points, the foam roller still has many uses between massage and muscle recovery, to even several exercises.

Chirp Wheel Set

The last piece that I like to use for muscle recovery is the chirp wheel set. Beyond being a massage roller, this tool is something that I frequently use to adjust my back into proper alignment. Before the pandemic, I would frequently visit a chiropractor at least one a month, and more often if I was dealing with more back pain. When the pandemic hit, I didn't have access to the chiropractor and turned to this product to assist with the back pain. While it may look to be pricey, having a product replace the monthly cost of visiting a chiropractor is well worth the investment. I would do getting a set of sizes so you can adjust between them (the bigger the wheel is, the lower the intensity) and see what works best for you.

HidrateSpark PRO Smart Water Bottle

This water bottle is instrumental in making sure I'm drinking enough water on a daily basis. By setting it up with your mobile device, it can track how much water you are drinking and send you reminders to make sure you stay on track. If you ever misplace your bottle, the GPS tracking on it is incredibly helpful.

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