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Introducing the Choreo Share Program

We're excited to announce a new program that will be helpful to both dance fitness instructors and students alike, the Choreo Share Program.

We know that there are hundreds of dance fitness instructors that create dance fitness choreo every single day, and in our mission to make the improvement of wellness accessible, collaborative, and a means that works to benefit our local and global communities, we believe that this program can enable instructors to find and/or develop fitness choreo that is appropriate for their students, and for non-instructors to find dance fitness routines that meets them at where they're at in their dance fitness journey in the comfort of their own homes.

The key to this program will be its search features, allowing instructors and participants to search for choreo on either difficulty, intensity, mood, genre, and more to create a quick means for users to find content that meets their needs and preferences. Another beautiful part about this program is that there is no one size fits all mentality, multiple choreographers can create choreography in different difficulties and styles to their favorite song, allowing more flexibility for choreographers and accessibility for participants to find something that works best for them.

The next big step for this program is to start creating or filming existing choreography at various difficulty levels so we can quickly move to benefit our local and global communities.

I know I'm super excited to start creating my own choreography for this program, and I'm going to start by choreographing routines that are designed for people that are just starting their fitness journey (for difficulty, each choreo will be categorized at a difficulty level from one to five, 1 being very easy and 5 being expert).

If you're someone that loves to create dance fitness choreography and would like to support this program to help another other instructors and their students, please let us know.

For more info, to volunteer, or to donate for this new program, please visit us at



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