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I strive to create a fun and effective workout experience online and in person.


My broadcasts are supported by viewers like you. There's no tip too great or small! Every little bit helps.



There's nothing more powerful than the words that you can provide. If you feel like my broadcasts have been able to help you in some form or if there was something that you really loved about the work I do, feel free to send a testimonial.


Ania Flatau


Jeremy has a way of uniting the crowd as one with his humor and incredible skill to lead a workout.


Northern California

I am so happy that I discovered Jeremy's U-Jam Fitness livestreams! I was referred to Jeremy by another U-Jam instructor (UJI) in the San Francisco Bay Area California. I've been doing U-Jam for 7 years and was looking for a way to continue doing U-Jam virtually during the 2020 pandemic since gyms were closed. Jeremy's livestreams on YouTube have been the most stable, with the best video resolution without any technical issues! Thank you Jeremy! I'm very grateful to you for what you do to help us avid U-Jammers stay fit during stay-at-home orders.

Gary Bendett

San Diego, CA

Jeremy is a master trainer with great attitude (with a sense of humor) and direction for even a beginner to follow. I so enjoy this U-Jam routine for completing my daily portion control nutrition with U-Jam cardio exercise. I have lost 17 pounds since late August partly by performing this daily routine. The exercise is so much fun, it doesn’t feel strenuous but many calories are burned and 6,000+ steps are achieved. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Grace Shen

San Diego, CA

I really love Jeremy’s WOD U-JAM virtual classes on YouTube. He is very funny, entertaining, and overall he is an AWESOME instructor. Jeremy you are an AWESOME friend and WOD U-JAM instructor, continue on what you are doing. I will continue taking your WOD U-JAM classes on YouTube, you are doing such a GREAT job 👍 So very proud of you.

Jen Lewis

Orange, CA

Your workouts have gotten my husband and I through a very rough year. We work out together now, and it's almost like a date-night! I love your positive energy. Keep up the great work!

Amy & Alanna

Vacaville, CA

We just wanted to say thank you for all of the effort you have put into your virtual U-Jam classes, you have the BEST A/V quality of any instructor I have been able to find online teaching U-Jam, Dancehall or Zumba, and since they are all rhythm based classes, having good A/V quality makes a huge difference. My daughter and I have been taking your classes since the end of last March when COVID closed our gyms. So thank you so much Jeremy from Riverside, CA, we would not be surviving the COVID without your dedication & the extra effort that you put into each virtual class to ensure its as close to a real class as possible. From your energy to the high quality A/V, you're awesome. We love u "Jeremy from Riversdie, CA" and are very thankful for your virtual classes.

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